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апр. 30, 2008


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ничего не придумаешь.. была почта и будет она до скончания дней наших..

Ну, вот с ним я согласен. Подход "нормально пустой инбокс" рулит.

10.1. Managing Your Email
To keep your inbox clean, you need to have a plan for what you're going to do with every email message you receive. Each possibility has to end with "delete the message," or your inbox will start to fill up. In fact, if you don't delete it soon, you'll be stuck going back over old messages to figure out what to do with them. That means you'll read each email message twice (maybe more) before acting on itnot very efficient.

When dealing with interruptions in Chapter 2, we used a system called delegate, record, do. For dealing with email, we have a few more options:

Delete unread
Read and...
Reply, then delete
Delegate or forward, then delete
Do now, then delete

[Time Management for System Administrators
By Thomas A. Limoncelli
Publisher: O'Reilly]

Телефон не позволяет вести например searchable archive.
Почему же не позволяет? Я вот веду =)

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