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апр. 13, 2008


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It's a fake? ))

Howdy, Peter.

Son, I know you thought that it would be really funny to pretend you be me. Despite your nice try to tell all of those people you are me and even address them salutatory speech as you were me I have to open a secret to you. They absolutely didn't believe you!! You weren't jumping, running, crying something like me (do you remember how I not only once showed it to you?) something like 'Developers!' or 'Windows hosting rulez'!

And though you don't remember my lessons I think I'll give you another chance. You should learn better my unforgattable and bright performances and remember them by heart! And when I come to Moscow in May you will open my show again and if the audience will not be mixed up over you and me you will be fired!

Good luck, son!
God bless you!

Steven Balmer

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